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Counselling and Psychotherapy in Larkhall, Batheaston and central Bath

Maybe you are here because people have told you you need "to talk to someone". (They mean professional counselling or something more in-depth like longer term psychotherapy) You think it might make things worse. It might make you feel even more miserable and powerless.

And yet, all you know is that you have all this stuff going round in your head, you feel vaguely uneasy and anxious, can’t sleep properly, maybe eat too much or too little, or drink too much to help keep those feelings at bay. Could you feel any worse? And, after all, counselling>/b> was now much more accepted. People were being encouraged to speak out about all the awful things that had happened to them in childhood or happening NOW.

Seeing a counsellor used to be seen as something you do when you can't cope and certainly talked about in hushed tones. Nowadays, with increasing awareness of emotional and mental health issues, seeking help from a counsellor or psychotherapist is seen as the best way through a crisis.

You wake up one day after another sleepless night and realise that maybe they’re right and maybe it would help to talk to a counsellor about what’s happening in your head. You feel down and hardly want to get out of bed. Maybe you are depressed as well as anxious. Maybe you find it difficult to make choices or take charge of your life.

You’ve trawled all these websites and some counsellors seem to be what you want, others definitely not. Some of them look like they might listen and understand – but how to decide? Counselling and psychotherapy for anxiety and
depression - at least you now know a bit more about what or who you are looking for. You might live locally in Larkhall, or Batheaston or Bath but there are other criteria.

You know you want a qualified and experienced counsellor or psychotherapist who is going to listen to you in private, without judging or interrupting, or nodding away like those plastic dogs people used to have in the back of their cars. It means enabling you to be more aware of what is going on inside you. It means professional, confidential counselling, or maybe even longer term psychotherapy.

That’s a start.

"We are our choices"- J.P. Sartre

Click here to book your session. Even if you are not local to Larkhall or Batheaston, or even to Bath, counselling can be done by phone or Skype. Just call or text me for an appointment.

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