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16th December 2017 
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Counselling and Psychotherapy in Larkhall, Bath and central Bath

Maybe you are here because people have told you you need “help”. (They mean professional counselling ) Even work are hinting that you’re slipping and taking too many days off. You aren’t sure about that. All you know is that you have all this stuff going round in your head, you feel anxious and can’t sleep properly and you feel rubbish most of the time. That’s when you’re not angry of course. But isn't going for counselling admitting defeat?

You wake up one day after another sleepless night and realise that maybe they’re right and maybe it would help to talk to someone about what’s happening in your head. You feel down and hardly want to get out of bed. Maybe you are depressed as well as anxious.

Now you’ve trawled all these websites and some of them seem to be what you want, others definitely not. Some of them look like they might listen and understand – but how to decide? You might live locally in Larkhall, or Bath but there are other criteria.

You know you want someone who is going to listen to you in private, without judging or interrupting, or nodding away like those plastic dogs people used to have in the back of their cars. That means professional, confidential counselling.

That’s a start.

Here are some of the things I know about:

    Your relationships matter, whether they are with a partner or family members or a friend. When things go wrong, counselling can help finding ways of putting them right. whether you come on your own or with the other person (see 'Couples and Relationship Counselling' page)

    Knotted stomach. Sweaty palms. Racing thoughts. Obsessions and compulsions. All these can be helped over time, with counselling.

    A healthy emotion that becomes unhealthy when exploding often in wrong place, wrong time. With tools you can get from counselling, you can learn to manage it.

    Can affect you deeply and in ways you can’t understand. Help to process all the feelings this taps into.

    Pills can help. Better still, so does a chance to talk about all those horrible painful feelings.

    Gay, straight, bi, trans. Virgin, porn addiction, uninterested – what a jumble of feelings this area can touch. Therapy may help sort them.

    At home or at work or both. Not your fault and you can do something about it. Let’s talk.

    Nothing more paralysing than fear of something. Via counselling, unfreezing, using particular techniques, can reduce the charge they have.

  • "We are our choices"- J.P. Sartre

    Click here to book your session. Even if you are not local to Larkhall, or even to Bath, counselling can be done by phone or Skype.