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Couples and Relationship Counselling

Do you spend a lot of time arguing, going round and round in circles, same old stuff, same old, same old..? Perhaps you need someone like a professional counsellor to help you break that cycle and start to get back to what you wanted from each other in the first place.

Does one of you want “to talk” and the other one run a mile? That's quite common. Having someone neutral there may encourage the quiet one to talk and for both of you to really listen to each other.

Perhaps you’re both too busy with work, children, other commitments, to want to think about where your relationship’s going,
or, when you do think about it, rush off and find something else to do so that you don’t have to think about it..

Perhaps you’re fed up with feeling controlled – where are you going, when will you be back, who’s going to bath the kids/do the dinner/ washing etc. Clients have sometimes talked of feeling “suffocated” by all that. Not pleasant and definitely not healthy.

Then there’s sex: I want it more often, he/she doesn’t; he/she’s only interested in their own pleasure; he/she wants more kids and that puts me off; there’s no affection any more.. the list is endless.

Seeing a Couples' Counsellor may help. Or, maybe one of you realises that they could benefit from seeing a counsellor on their own for a few sessions to give them some tools to help. Call me now for an exploratory session.

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In my years of experience as a Couples' Counsellor have found the key to the healthiest and best relationships – whether in intimate ones, or family ones, or friendship – is - COMMUNICATION. And if things have got a bit out of hand between you, then having a third party who won’t judge you to help you communicate with each other in a way that works is better than constantly being at loggerheads, isn’t it?

Of course, if one of you feels or knows that the other is abusive, that takes a different set of tools. The abuse can take many forms, not just physical violence, and if you want to know if what you’re experiencing is abuse, click here.

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