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Angry? Sad? Feelings and what to do with them. head2

How do you feel?

Sometimes people say "I don't know how I feel" and simply have a vague sadness or despair. It isn't essential to name feelings, though it does help you acknowledge them and manage them.

The following list include some of the more painful feelings people of all ages endure. Psychotherapy and Counselling can provide tools to manage these feelings just when you think they are paralysing you..

    Knotted stomach. Sweaty palms. Racing thoughts. Panic attacks. Obsessions and compulsions. Why let these ruin your life? They can be alleviated with the right support.

    We all feel angry and we need to sometimes or nothing would change. When you explode over "nothing" or rage against the nearest person, you need to find out what's underneath it, before it wrecks your relationships. You then might be able to manage it better. Find out now how Counselling can help.

    Can affect you deeply and in ways you can’t understand. Psychotherapy can help to process all the feelings this taps into., or maybe you just need to offload and be properly heard.

    Your relationships matter, whether they are with a partner or family members or a friend. When things go wrong, counselling can help finding ways of putting them right. whether you come on your own or with the other person (see 'Couples and Relationship Counselling' page.)

    Pills can help t numb the pain. Better still, so does a chance to talk about all those horrible painful feelings, even if you don't know where to start.

    Gay, straight, bi, trans. Virgin, porn addiction, uninterested, unable to maintain an erection – what a jumble of feelings this area can touch. Psychotherapy can help sort them.

    At home or at work or both. A buried shameful secret from long ago. Not your fault and you can do something about it. Let’s talk.

    Nothing more paralysing than fear of something. Via counselling, unfreezing, using particular techniques, can reduce the charge they have.

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